Rental assets with an average 24% annual yield

In cooperation with EMC Exotic Rentals, we provided funding and assets in order to help push growth in their business and created an average 36% annual yield for participating investors.

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EMC Exotic Rentals


investment overview


In cooperation with EMC Exotic rentals, Ash Capital led a raise for capital to achieve growth in EMC's vehicle line to expand their offerings.

  • Funded asset growth


Miami is a luxury vehicle city unlike any other in the world. Nothing makes a bigger first impression than a high-performance luxury vehicle. If you’re looking to arrive in style, EMC Exotic Rentals is the exotic/luxury car rental service Miami drivers like yourself should know about.


For Ash Capital, this asset growth and investment provided an average of 3% monthly yield, or 24% annual yield on the initial investment value. We are currently pursuing expanding the brand further based on the achieved results and potential we believe the brand has.


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