From $250,000 in 2021 to $13,046,430.70 by Q3 2022

Cementing a great start in the automotive space for Ash Capital, Maxxvin was Ash Capital's first investment in the industry. From the time of investment, Ash Capital has helped scale and grow Maxxvin from $250,000 in revenue in 2021 to $13,046,430.70 by Q3 in 2022, with a projected $3,250,000 additional revenue by the end of Q4. Through Maxxvin, Ash Capital has established solid relationships and long-term connections in the automotive industry, allowing the fund to expand into several new technology companies and further push dominance in the industry.

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investment overview


Upon coming across StreetLyte as a potential investment as well as after their initial consultation, we met with their team several times in order to find the weak points in their structure and operations to provide them with the best steps moving forward.

  • Focused on direct to dealer vehicle wholesaling
  • Created industry connections to help expose Maxxvin to new spaces
  • Funding an increase to budget for additional deal closing and higher turnover.


Once we had dissected the company and evaluated the concerning areas, our management team was able to go in and make the necessary changes and provide the required support to help Maxxvin remove obstacles and improve their turnover, wholesaling team, proprietary software, and client relations.

$13,046,430.70 In Revenue by Q3 of 2022

Current Status

Maxxvin still continues to be an asset under Ash Capital as they continue to expand to the next level and reach their set goals. We look forward to continue providing support and assistance as they take over the automotive industry.


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