Generated over 800% Return In Investment

NFT Project centered around digital real estate innovation, acquired pre-sale for increased return

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investment overview

Project Overview

Our mission is to connect real estate professionals, investors, web3 experts, developers, entrepreneurs, and more to create the future of Digital Real Estate (any application of web3 and real estate).

Project Founder

Ryan is the CEO of six different businesses generating 7-8 figures a year in revenue. In his real estate career he’s flipped 500+ homes and currently owns 480+ rental units. As a content creator he has amassed 1.5M+ followers and has generated over 400M views.

Although NFT Project's carry more risk, their returns can be levels higher

Investment Result

This investment generated a 800% return for Ash Capital and its investors and is notably the highest return ratio the fund has to date. Multiple high level connections were formed during this process as well allowing us to increase our net return. The success of this project continues to be a testament to the investment potential in web3 businesses and opened a new industry for the company to invest in.


Other Investments

EMC Exotic Rentals

Rental assets with an average 24% annual yield

EMC Exotic Rentals

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